Flocka Bag
BLM, B*TCH. tee
BLACK JOY wink tee
3 Face Masks
Flocka Bag




The Flocka Bag will have you all, "LOOK MA, NO HANDS!" With two hands, you can do a lot--buy a souvenir, change your baby's diaper (you can have the bag open and access the wipes without relying on a distant door hook or sketchy fold-down table), record a TikTok video, flirt with Terminal 8 Bae. Let this bag liberate you. Start by choosing your color.

This waterproof nylon bag comes in 5 colors: Ocean, Navy, Fruit Punch, Tee's Pink, and President (Black). Each colored bag also has an accent color, giving you a little more life. 

The front has a zipper, allowing you a place to store your ID, passport, boarding pass, and credit card for super easy access.

Perfect for picnics, flights, road trips, and sleepovers. 

If you're new to the squad, this is a great place to start. Collect the staple pieces, rep the squad, all while getting bang for your buck. Each item will turn heads and last you longer than you expect. Build your collection today.