Travel Tips from teetrips

  • secure the bag

    The harsh reality for me and other horrible packers with the same issue is that when taking trips, there isn’t always room for all that extra baggage (literal and figurative, but today ain’t the day for us to talk about packing or unpacking the emotional shit). Anyway, whether traveling by plane, train, or automobile, the goal should be to take only what is necessary. This will allow your bags to take up the least amount of space required, for you to save money on baggage fees (these airlines are doing the most), and to create a no stress situation allowing you to enjoy your trip. Believe it or not, there are some really easy ways to properly pack a carry-on bag for light travels. 

  • 6 Road Trip Tips For Use During This COVID-19 Pandemic

    folks are chomping at the bit and ready to get out in these streets. Understandably, traveling by airplane isn’t the move for everyone right now.  However, packing a bag, throwing it in the trunk,  and loading up the car with your boo, your friends, or your family to take off for a road trip can actually be done. A little thought and effort will go a long way to make your road trip a success.
  • Passport 401


    What you need to send off

    • Completed Form DS-11
    • Evidence of US Citizenship
    • A copy of the evidence
    • Photo
    • Payments