Passport 401

Passport 401


What you need to send off

  • Completed Form DS-11
  • Evidence of US Citizenship
  • A copy of the evidence
  • Photo
  • Payments

List of approved evidences of citizenship

  • passport (expired okay)
  • birth certificate
  • certificate of naturalization
  • certificate of citizenship
  • consular report of birth abroad or certificate of birth


  • Book $130
  • Card $30
  • Both $160

PLUS an execution fee of $35 to be paid separately .

The card can be used to travel to Mexico and Canada via land travel or boat only, no air travel.

Photo rules

  • color print
  • taken within the last 6 months
  • no filter applied
  • no glasses
  • not self-taken
  • plain, white or off-white background (white brick is not plain)
  • no damage or wear to photo
  • 2×2 inches
  • 1-1 3/8 in. from bottom of chin to top of head
  • matte or glossy photo paper
  • hair cannot hide any part of face
  • no shadows

Attire requirements

  • regular clothes
  • no glasses
  • no uniform or camoflauge
  • no hat or headwear (provide note if religiously exempt, or doctor’s note as needed)
  • no earbuds
  • headwear cannot cover hairline or cast shadows

Where to get this done

A passport acceptance facility. You can search for one near you using this link.

Facilities include postal offices where you can drop off your items and even have your picture taken, as well as city hall offices where you can set appointments you have a sit down with an aide to process you and take a picture as necessary.

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