Can you book my trip for me?

  • Of course! Start the process here

Are bookings free?

  • Self-service bookings are free. You can book your own flights, rentals, and more here.
  • tee's bookings do have a fee of $50 per person (mo. This can be covered by the group leader or individually.

How long until I receive my purchase?

  • This depends on your specific order. Please allow up to 2 weeks from order confirmation. If you have not received your order by then, please email us at info@teetrips.net.

I found the hotel room online for cheaper, should I just do this myself?

  • Do you, but please remember that having an agent represent you is having an advocate who can make sure you have what you need when you want it and how you deserve it.
  • If you're using a third party site to save, such as Priceline, just note there can be inconveniences during the reservation, including it never being paid for, since the hotel itself has not done business with you. We suggest you contact us and allow us to price match, or use our self-service link to work with our trusted suppliers.

I want to support teetrips but I like to book my own travel. How can I support? 

  • Thank you! Here's a few ways outside of my planning that will help:
  1. Refer your friends and family (and strangers)
  2. Purchase some gear for your trip (squad shirt for example, or I can make you a custom shirt! just contact me)
  3. Send a tip! This can be done during checkout of any product/service. Also, you can find us on Cash App with $teetrips.
Why would I even use a travel agent?
  • Save yourself the time and stress
  • Using a travel agent means you have an advocate. If something goes wrong, your agent will handle things for you.
  • When coordinating group trips, this simplifies things. Your agent is the contact person for each party member. You won't have to answer all of your friends' questions or handle their payments, we'll handle that.