6 Road Trip Tips For Use During This COVID-19 Pandemic

6 Road Trip Tips For Use During This COVID-19 Pandemic

Bad movie memories from the '80s are what people seem to picture when they think of a road trip. All the kids being piled into the back of a station wagon with no air conditioning while Mom and Dad sit in that long ass front seat pissy about having to take the kids down south for the summer for a so-called vacation. Wasn’t a damn thing about any of that feeling like vacation. Mom had over-salted fried chicken and a slice of bread and water for everyone to share. The pit stops would be few and far between, so learning to “hold it” was a thing. Thankfully, the times have changed and road trips have evolved and are excitement worthy.


Just when it was time to start planning any type of trip for this year, we landed our asses right in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Traveling anywhere for any reason either came to a screeching halt or was frowned upon. After 6 months of being locked up or down or whatever the hell and tip toeing in and around the city, folks are chomping at the bit and ready to get out in these streets. Understandably, traveling by airplane isn’t the move for everyone right now. However, packing a bag, throwing it in the trunk, and loading up the car with your boo, your friends, or your family to take off for a road trip can actually be done. A little thought and effort will go a long way to make your road trip a success. We want to give you 6 road rules you’ll want to follow to ensure a great pandemic pavement pilgrimage.

1.    Do your research

From one day to the next it seems that the rules for every city change. Indoor dining, outdoor dining, no bars, no theaters, no concerts. Then, maybe you can do these things but only if you stay socially distanced. Pools at hotels might be closed on Monday but Tuesday only those registered at the hotel can enjoy the amenities. For fuck's sake, who can keep up with all of this? It’s important before you set out on your voyage that you know the facts of the cities you are passing through and that of your final destination. Have a plan and know where you’re stopping along the way so you know what to expect. Doing your due diligence and being well researched will keep you from being salty when you get to your destinations and find out you can’t do anything that you went to that very place to accomplish.  

2.    Print the directions

Yes, we know this is so 1999, but be proactive and just do it. Of course smartphones are capable of getting you where you need to go thru Apple maps, Google maps, Waze, etc. These apps usually do the job, but listen it’s 2020 and we know at this point that anything can happen. The last thing you want on a long road trip is to lose service or have one of these apps start acting janky and re-routing you every few seconds costing you precious daylight and gas.  

3.     Bring all the wipes & hand sanitizers, and keep your distance

We’re not sure why it took a whole pandemic for people to realize that being nasty and inconsiderate is not it. It shouldn’t have taken all of this for people to wash their hands and not be breathing down folk’s necks. Arm yourself for any stops you need to make so that you do your part in being sanitary, both for yourself and others. 

4.    Travel with your debit/ credit cards

During this pandemic, it’s been important to maintain minimal contact with others. You should always travel with cash on you for emergencies, but some places will not accept cash right now. As stated in road rule #1, doing your research will kinda help you here with the major places you know you’ll hit, but just anticipate cash not being accepted as a possibility. If you are leaving the state, it’s a good idea to notify your bank ahead of time so they don’t shut your card off because they suspect fraudulent activity.  

5.    Create a dope playlist

Whether you’re traveling alone, with your boo, friends, or family you want to have an appropriate playlist ready to rock. Music brings good energy and it will help pass the time. Zoning out with great music gives you something else to focus on and provides a great scene for memories to be created. 

6.    Travel with great company

This rule should not be overlooked. What you don’t want to do is be stuck in the car with bad energy all the way to anywhere. Choose your travel companions wisely and buckle up for your fantastic voyage. 



If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life is short and things can change on a dime. Enjoy life. Whether your trip has been in the works for months or if it's spur of the moment, take a moment to get your ducks in a row so that you are prepared to have a fun and safe trip. 

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