The teetrips Booking Process:

Feel free to start here:

Book a consultation call to discuss trip details and be sure working with me this is the best route for you.

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Once you're ready to work with me,

    1. Submit inquiry form for a trip proposal
    2. Pay proposal invoice
    3. Receive your proposal
    4. Reach agreement on trip details
    5. Submit traveler information form(s)
    6. Submit credit card authorization form(s)
    7. Approve deposit
    8. Receive booking confirmation
    9. Add on excursions and custom gear
    10. Receive tee's trip tips list
    11. Pay balance by due date
    12. Pack your bags according to the provided list
    13. Prepare for departure and GO!
    14. Take pictures, record videos
    15. Check-in while there and when you're back so I know it's all good
    16. Post and tag us @teetrips #teetrippin #teetrippers
    17. Leave a review to help me and other trippers

* Steps may occur out of order. Each trip and each client is unique.

All bookings and purchases you make on this site benefit our mission. Thank you.