For those who don't get it.

For the Karens and closet racists who have a problem, let 'em know how simple this is. BLACK LIVES MATTER!

That really should be that on that. Since they need a lil help, put this shirt on and make 'em see it. If they got a problem, they can take it up with their mammies.

Warning: Sale Ends In...

Perfect for Allies, Too.

If you believe it, rock it.

BLM, B*TCH. tee
BLM, B*TCH. teeBLM, B*TCH. teeBLM, B*TCH. teeBLM, B*TCH. teeBLM, B*TCH. teeBLM, B*TCH. tee

"Everyone loved my shirt in DC. I walked down the street and had people from cars telling they loved my shirt. It felt great."

"Cuz they don't hear us."

We had to March on Washington 57 years later because they're still confused about they value of our lives. These people think our melanin is our flaw, when it's our coat of royalty.

There are people out there who don't believe it, but we won't let them walk past us in comfort.

Black lives matter, bitch. Say somethin'!

Get the Shirt That Turns Heads and Speaks Volumes